Thursday, 4 August 2016

No Uniform Please!
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I am against having a uniform because we have to wear it every day and it gets stinky.  If we wear mufti we can wear whatever we want.  We can wear hoodies and jackets and I could wear my rugby jersey.  Your uniform might get damaged or lost and it will get small too fast.  I don’t like the uniform because it’s ugly. I disagree about wearing the school uniform because it takes too much washing. In conclusion I think we should wear mufti because we can choose to wear whatever we want.

Published by Nowar


  1. Hi Nowar, I like our uniform, it looks so nice. Miss Brough

  2. Kia ora, Nowar!

    I love how much you have improved in your writing from last year! You really are better than before.

    Last year I remember the school getting a special new type of material for the uniform. Perhaps that would help with washing and drying it? What do you think?

    From Miss Walters


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