Saturday, 16 April 2016

ANZAC Acrostic Writing

New Zealand is allies with Australia.
England is allies with New Zealand.
We helped Australia and England in the war.

Zac has to be 18 so he can join the army.
England is an island next to France.
ANZAC stands for Australian New Zealand Army Corps.
Land is where they hide or fight.
ANZAC day is when we remember people who died in war.
New Zealand joined the war in 1914.
Don’t forget the soldiers.

By Frank
Room 6
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Monday, 11 April 2016

Personal Hygiene: Washing your hands

1. Wet your hands.
2. Apply soap.
3. Lather and scrub for 20 seconds.
4. Scrub between your fingers and clean under your nails.
5. Rinse hands.
6. Dry your hands.

By Kate Year 4

Carrot Descriptive Writing

Carrots are vegetables.  They are healthy for kids.  We 
can eat carrots cooked or raw.

Carrots are orange, skinny and triangular. It feels hard and smooth to touch. Carrots do not smell like other fruit and vegetables.  However if  they have been freshly picked they might smell like the earth.  Carrots taste sweet and can be eaten cooked or raw.

In conclusion,  carrots are cheap and easy to eat.  They can be packed as part of our school lunches.

Year 4