Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Swimming is very important because you might drown.  At my school we learn how to swim at the back of our school.

I learnt how to float on my back.  You have to put your arms out like a star fish and slowly bend down on your back.  Next you just push your tummy up and you will float.  I am good at doing arm strokes with a kicking board.  I am not good at back strokes.

In conclusion, schools should have a pool so their students learn how to swim.

By Kotipi
Year 4 

Thursday, 10 March 2016


Welcome to Room 6 2016 blog page.  This year we have a dynamic and diverse classroom filled with an exceptional group of energetic learners.  It has been an exciting start with swimming well under way and term 1 student testing complete.  Saint Kentigern College students have also begun their weekly visits to our school.  So far they have keenly shared their experiences by positively engaging with all our students.  Finally, to all parents and bloggers everywhere we welcome your positive input, so come along with us as we journey into the 2016 school year.