Friday, 29 July 2016

Principals Award

We should have a dog

We should have a dog or a cat as a pet because they can be your friend, play games and look after you.

A dog can be your friend because when you are alone they can lick you to make you happy.  I love dogs.  

You can play games like fetch, chasing, or hide and go seek.  Just make sure they don't cheat.  Dogs are good.  

Dogs can look after you by baby siting you and checking on you if you're in trouble.  

A fact about police dogs is that they can smell better than humans.  Dogs are really clever.

Kate.  Room 6 

  "Well done Kate for receiving a principals awards for your persuasive writing."

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  1. I like your story Kate, I have a dog which is very old and I also have 2 cats. I love my pets.
    Miss Brough


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