Friday, 27 May 2016

My Yucky Burger Recipe

1. Two burnt buns.
2. One snot patty.
3. Old tomatoes.
4. Stinky cheese.
5. Mouldy lettuce.
6. Butter with cat snot on it
7. Dog onion with hair in it.
8. Snot sauce.

Cooking Instructions  
First I get my burnt buns and make sure it is really burnt.  Then I get one snot patty and put it in the burnt buns. Next I get my old tomatoes that has been outside the fridge for 2 weeks.  I get my stinky cheese that is smelly and also the mouldy lettuce and place it in. Then I get my butter with cat snot on it and I spread it on my burnt buns.  Finally, I get dog onion with hair in it and I get my snot source and spread it.  Now I can eat my yucky burger and I will make sure I eat and talk with my mouth wide open.


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  1. My goodness that burger sounds revolting! I am sure that you would not really eat with your mouth open!


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