Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Swimming is very important because you might drown.  At my school we learn how to swim at the back of our school.

I learnt how to float on my back.  You have to put your arms out like a star fish and slowly bend down on your back.  Next you just push your tummy up and you will float.  I am good at doing arm strokes with a kicking board.  I am not good at back strokes.

In conclusion, schools should have a pool so their students learn how to swim.

By Kotipi
Year 4 


  1. I am so happy that all of our school is learning to swim. It looks like you really enjoyed the swimming lessons and having a school pool is ace

  2. So true Kotipi. It is very important that all New Zealanders learn to swim to keep water safe. I am very proud of the progress all the swimmers made.

  3. Hi Kotipi, I am really glad that you enjoyed your swimming lessons. I agree that every school should have swimming pools so that students can learn how to swim.Do you have any tips that I could use while I am swimming?

  4. Hello Kotipi, I am happy that you learnt. I agree that schools should have swimming pools to learn to swim. Is there anything else you learnt besides back stokes?


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